Campus |Third year

Hi loves! I know it’s been forever since I’ve written a new post. Campus has just taken over my life and I’ve been left with no time for myself at all. I’m finally on a short holiday!! (Well not really because I still need to go into campus next week to finish a garment🙃). I decided to write this post to explain what my third year entails and what it has been like so far.

For those of you thats new to my blog – I’m studying fashion design. This year is basically about creating a range of clothing – 5 looks with approximately 11 clothing pieces for my end of year graduate fashion show as well as doing other subjects .Sounds pretty exciting but woww its been hectic since day one!

The process involves :

1- Developing a concept for the collection

2- Coming up with 100 + designs

3- Designs getting approved

That’s just the basics. After that is where it all starts. From choosing fabrics to making rough patterns , mockups , fixing patterns , final patterns , technical drawings and making final garments and having breakdowns in between😂.

I sometimes leave in the morning at 6am and come home at about 6/7pm and still have work to complete when I’m home which is extremely exhausting . I’ve made peace with that because this year is all about sacrifices and it’ll all be worth it in the end ( I HOPE).

Term 1 is officially over (hooraaay) but I still have one more garment to complete so stress levels are very much up there right now. Aside from garments , I have other subjects such as design , business and history.

So far it’s been tough. I miss my sleep thee most! And I especially miss having weekends to myself but anyways I’ll stop my ranting right there 😂 . In my next campus update I’ll talk more about my collection and my concept inspiration ☺️that’s all for now xx


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