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About over a year ago I came across an Instagram page of a personal trainer named Kayla Itsines. I was on and off when it came to fitness and I always loved finding new Instagram fitness influencers because seeing other people achieving great results motivates me. Almost every picture that Kayla posted was of people’s before and after weight loss pictures and I was quite curious to find out more.

Kayla and her fiancé Tobi Pearce are the creators of the ‘ BBG’ program which stands for ‘bikini body guide’. It is available on her app to purchase. So basically her workout program is 12 weeks long in which there are 3 types of programs you can choose from. Number one being BBG 1.0. Her workouts consists of resistance training , cardio training and rehabilitation (stretching). The cardio training has LISS ( low intensity steady state) or HITT ( high intensity interval training).

Her program consists of 7 minutes circuits with 4 exercises in each. Each workout consists of 2 rounds of 2 different circuits . This in total means 4×7 minute rounds = 28min. You get a 30-90 Second’s rest between each circuit.

Here’s an example (please note that this is BBG 2.0 which I’m currently on )

After completing both circuits twice you then do some stretches. The HITT sessions falls on a Monday , Wednesday and Friday. On the other days of the week you do LISS training such as walking , swimming etc.

BBG 2.0 is weeks 13-24. This version is much more challenging than the first because it incorporates the use of weights such as dumbells , barbells , kettlebells , medicine ball etc , whereas the 1-12 weeks didn’t have all those weights added.

I personally love HITT training with weights because I feel like that works well with my body. I done BBG 1.0 up till week 10 because Kayla announced on instagram that she’s starting her program on the 15th Jan 2018 and everyone should join her so that we can all be on the same page. That’s why I stopped at week 10 and decided to start BBG 2.0 with her and the rest of the BBG community because it would be more motivating. I also felt like BBG 1.0 wasn’t challenging enough for me.

On Monday 22 Jan 2018 I done week 2 legs and it was an absolute KILLER! I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much in my life 😂. From being on her first program for 10 weeks I can honestly say I felt a difference in my body. I got stronger than what I was but that was it. I think with her bbg 2.0 program I’ll definitely see a difference in my body within time.

I’ve done weight training before with my previous trainer Aisha Omar Adams AKA Madfit ( She is amazing!!) and I saw a difference in my body with regards to getting leaner and toned.

One of the reasons why I like this BBG program is because you can do it in the comfort of your own home. It’s great for people that doesn’t have time to go to gym or just has a busy life in general.

Lastly, her 3rd program is called BBG Stronger which consists of workouts that involves the use of all gym equipment.

Check out her Instagram page – @Kayla_itsines . I’ll update you guys in a few weeks time with my progress xx



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