Beauty | Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation

Hi lovies! I’m back with the much awaited review of the Fenty Beauty foundation. Let’s start with the packaging. I really like the dark tones of the box because it’s eye catching. I love the foundation bottle because it’s made of a lightly frosted glass which makes it look and feel like a high end product. The white lid makes the foundation colour stand out.

I chose the shade 300. It’s really hard to choose a shade without testing it out first so I just chose one that looked like my closest match. I watched YouTube videos of other bloggers who had similar skin tones to mine so that gave me a bit of an idea of what shade to choose. The shade ended up being slightly too dark for me but that can easily be fixed by just adding a lighter colour foundation to it.

The foundation is quite runny. I needed about 5 to 6 pumps to cover my whole face. The foundation is medium coverage which I prefer over full coverage. If you want full coverage then you can apply another layer onto your face.

This foundation isn’t really suited for dry skin but if you do have dry skin then applying a primer or a good cream (vintage beauty) will help. The foundation dries quite quickly on the face so you need to be fast when blending it out. I used The Body Shop buffing brush to apply the foundation.

The foundation isn’t cakey at all and it leaves my skin looking natural. It is definitely long lasting. Using water alone will not remove the foundation properly.

I attached a video of myself testing the foundation out. NB – the foundation seems to look like the right shade on the video because of the lighting but up close it is a bit darker.


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