Guess| My first blogger event!

About 3 weeks ago I received an email that was an invite from a PR company inviting me to attend the Guess summer launch. I literally freaked out and went crazy because it was my first official invite as a blogger to an event.

I decided to take my best friend as my plus one because I know I can always have a good time with her. The dress code for the event was Summer glam because their collection that was being launched is for summer 2017. The event was held at The Lookout at Waterfront.

Just before entering I felt a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it all turned out great! People were just chilling around having drinks and taking pictures (lots and lots ). It felt really weird but cool at the same time to be surrounded by famous singers , bloggers etc. After a while everyone took their seats because the fashion show was beginning. Jeannie D was the MC. Dominic Neill opened the show by singing 2 songs. Thereafter the show begun.

I must say I loved their summer 2017 range! It consisted of bright & beautiful colours. There was also a pop up store outside to purchase their new clothing. The show was short and sweet. Everyone got to leave with a little Guess goodie bag which consisted of : power bank , Guess magazine, “Guess” water , inflatable Guess ball , 30% off Guess voucher ( yassss) , a Guess sippi cup and a cosmopolitan magazine.

The experience was awesome and I loved every moment of it! Below are some pictures of the event ☺️

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