Series | My top three chick flicks

1- GirlBoss

About a month ago my friend suggested that I should watch this new series called "GirlBoss" . She told me it's about a girl that starts her own business by buying vintage clothing and tweaking it up a bit and then reselling it. That immediately caught my attention because it screams fashion everywhere.

I really enjoyed the series because it seemed somewhat relatable to me somehow because I'm all for being that girl boss person.

So the main character in the series is a girl named " Sophia Amoruso" . I don't want to give too much away but I recently learned that Sophia Amoruso is an actual person out of the series and everything that took place in the series is based on her life of events. That just amazed me even more and it gave me a tremendous amount of motivation to start doing something I've been hesitant to do over the past few months.

2- The bold type

This series just started recently and I absolutely love it! It's basically about 3 girl besties that all work together at the same magazine company called Scarlet. They try to find their identities, find love and deal with their friendship.

3- Famous in love

The main character in this series is Bella Thorne. Her whole life changes when she auditions for a role in a movie. She becomes the new "it" girl and she has to find a balance between her average and not so average life. Her new life can either make or break her.

If you're looking for some awesome new series to watch then give these a try or if you've watched them already then let me know what you think! 🙂



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