Beauty | Flawless foundation 

Blemishes…blemishes everywhere! So I know how everyone would love to have a flawless looking face and how important it is to find the right foundation to achieve such results. Well, I came across a Korean beauty technique that is called “Jamsu”. You may have heard of it before. 

So what exactly is “Jamsu”? It is a makeup trend that supposedly gives long- lasting matte/airbrushed skin within seconds. 

How does it work? You basically need to apply your foundation and concealer. Then apply powder to your whole face, followed by dipping your entire face into a bowl of cool water for 15-30 seconds. Thereafter pat your face dry with a towel and apply the rest of your makeup. 

I was quite curious to see the results and to see if it really works so I gave it a try.  * attached below is a video of myself testing it out 👀 *


My thoughts about this technique – It definitely left my skin feeling smooth  which I liked.

My skin looked a lot brighter and fresh 

 My forehead area became dry afterwards ( not sure why) but I applied a bit of cream 

Overall my skin looked good ( not great) 

Doing this can get a bit messy so I wouldn’t do it for occasions.


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