Travel | Bali adventure 

I can’t believe the amount of work I had in the past month. I literally had no time for anything,  so here I am writing about my Holiday In Bali because I realized it’s been 4 months already and I haven’t written this post yet! 

When I travel, I love to write about my whole journey and experiences but since I’ve been in Bali I never wrote a single day about my time there because I enjoyed it sooo much that I actually forgot to write anything. 
So first of all, Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia. It was my second time visiting Bali and my second experience was just as amazing as the first. This trip, I was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful locations Bali has to offer. 
Places to visit : 

1. Waterbom ( the most insane water theme park I’ve been to) 

2. Bali safari and theme park 

3. Keramas beach ( aka black sand beach)

4. Batur hot springs ( amaaazing)

5. Kemenuh Gianyar waterfall

The highlight of my trip was getting to swim with dolphins. It was such an amazingly beautiful experience. My cousin and I swam with the dolphins at Keramas beach. Its a beach that is known for its black sand .😍
Another place that we went to was the hot springs in Batur. It’s situated quite deep up in the mountains and it has natural healing springs. It looks basically like a heated pool which overlooks the sea. It was really beautiful and calming. 

The locals in Bali are such lovely people. They’re so friendly and they always put a smile on your face. I’d definitely go back any day! 


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