Beauty | Avon 

Avon has introduced a new brand of theirs called Mark. They aim to constantly launch fresh, on trend and customizable products. With that being said, Avon sent me two of their products from Mark to test and review! 

The first product is a lipstick in the shade “Rose Kisses”. Firstly , I absolutely love the packaging of this product. It looks sheek , young and trendy. I most certainly love pink lipsticks but I felt like this particular shade did not compliment my skin tone too well. Besides the colour, it smells devine! And the texture of the lipstick is so soft. It doesn’t make my lips dry which is a big bonus. I’d definitely purchase other shades in this lipstick. It’s also really affordable! It retails for R74.99.

The second product is a mascara called “Spectra Lash”. Once again I’m in love with the packaging😍. This mascara is quite cool because you can adjust the volume of how you want your lashes to be. With 1 being minimum  volume and 3 being extra volume. As shown in the picture below , you can easily adjust the volume by turning the bottom part. I think the mascara works quite well. For best results I’d go with number 3 because I love my lashes looking long and full. The curl also lasts all day. The only thing I was dissatisfied about was being able to remove it from my lashes. It was a bit difficult but extra baby oil should do the trick. It retails for R89.90 and I would recommend this product to someone that uses mascara on a daily basis.

There are many more products in this range and it could all be purchased through a representative in your city/area in which you’ll find on the Avon website.



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