Travel | Jakarta 2016 

My first trip to Jakarta, Indonesia was way back in 2011 which was 6 years ago. When I heard that I was going back to Jakarta I was really really really overjoyed. I know you guys must be wondering why on earth would I be so happy to go back there because other people wouldn’t really describe Jakarta to be such a “popular” tourist destination. For those of you that don’t know , I’m probably one of the biggest shopaholics out there and Jakarta is thee most amazing place that I’ve been to for shopping! There is literally a shopping place or a shopping mall in every second road. Every shopaholics dream right? 

I stayed at the Novotel hotel which is situated in Mannga Dua. It’s very central to all shopping places and not too far out from some tourist attractions. There was a shopping complex with about 4 floors right down the road from my hotel which was perfect because I literally went there everyday and came back with more and more packets each time. Their currency is IDR- Indonesian rupiah and its a 1:1 ratio meaning 100,000 IDR = R100. So things are pretty cheap compared to the things in SA hence why I went crazy. 

Other than shopping (I should’ve probably mentioned these things first but I got excited) Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Their largest form of transportation is scooter bikes and it is extremely over populated. The one thing I really hated was the high levels of humidity. The air feels so thick and hot and you’ll sweat most of the day 😂🙈. 

Jakarta is a Muslim city and when I was there I saw small little mosques in every second or third street. I just found it truly amazing to see that many mosques around.Food wasn’t much of a problem because everything is halaal, the only thing was that most of the food is Indonesian cuisine and as a South African I wasn’t familiar with that type of food so I rather stayed away from that and stuck to the normal takeouts. The last few days of being in Jakarta ,we found this amazing Portuguese restaurant called ” Casa De Peri” which is in the Kota Casablanca mall. If you’re going to Jakarta then you should definitely give them a try! 

One of the tourist attractions that I went to was Taman Mini. It is a miniature park of all the 27 provinces in Indonesia. It is absolutely beautiful. The park is really massive so you’ll need to spend a whole day there.  
I just love Jakarta and I would go back there any day for the shopping of course 😂.  On a side note – almost every single soul in Jakarta is really thin so unfortunately most of their clothing is quite small (even a size Large) but don’t worry, there’s a ton of great things to buy 😆.  

New Year’s Eve at the beach


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