Fashion Design

Today I decided to write about my life as a fashion design student ( First year) because EVERYONE thinks it’s “Oh so glamorous”, even I thought it was at one stage but it’s really not what it sounds like. Fashion design is a three year course in which you’ll obtain a diploma and you can study for four years to get your degree if you meet certain requirements but I won’t get too much into that. 
I have four main subjects which is Applied clothing technology, design studies , theory of clothing and business studies. In those subjects there are sub-subjects. 

1. Applied clothing technology 

 – CMT (clothing manufacturing technology) 

 – Textiles – Patterns ( my worst nightmare) 

 – Garments    

2. Design studies 
 – Illustration

 – Life drawing ( if you’re a fan of drawing naked people then hooray 🙈) 

 – Design    

3. Theory of clothing

 – Core history

 – Tutorial history (the type of lectures I’d most likely want to bunk 🙄)

4. Business studies

 – Business 

 – Computers

That’s a total of 11 subjects! I must say it’s extremely stressful and tiring but I still love what I do. I’d describe my first year of studying fashion design (2016) like an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve had days that involved tears because let me just say that I’m not such a great person when it comes to handling bad criticism from my lecturers. After we make a garment then we have to present it to our lecturer and he’ll inspect the garment inside and out. I’d say that is the most nerve wrecking part for me because I don’t know if they’ll be happy with it or not. What I can say is that I became a stronger person by being able to deal with the negative criticism. The fashion industry is very competitive and I’ve learnt that not everyone will like what you do but I guess that’s normal. 

There’s one major thing that I’d put out there for any design student and that is TIME MANAGEMENT. Gosh I never realized how important something like that could be. There were times where I’d actually have 10 assignments in total and they would all be due around about the same time or in the same week. Sometimes I would wonder how I even got through it all because I would mostly keep things for last minute 😬🙈. Now that I’m in second year , I’m definitely letting old habits die hard 😏. 

On the bright side there isn’t only sadness and tears when it comes to fashion design 😂. My favourite thing about studying fashion design is being able to express myself in the work I do and no one will judge you. Also, it’s pretty amazing when you see your designs come to life. I can honestly say that I feel very proud of myself when I create a garment because coming into first year I had no idea how to sew a freakn button.  
All the sleepless nights so far has been worth it. That’s it for now, I’ll write about my second year experience in the next month or so 😌. If you have any questions about studying fashion design then please feel free to ask me anything 😊 xx 

Here’s a few pictures during the course of my first year


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