Spa | Crystal towers 

I’ve always admired the interior of the Crystal Towers hotel which is situated in Century City. Since I love trying out different spa’s I thought I’d give the life day spa a try. 

As I entered the reception area, I was greeted with warm and bright smiles. One of the staff members then took us  (my two siblings and my mom)  to our dressing rooms to put our robes on. The lady then gave us a tour of the spa area which consisted of : 

  1. Steam room – this steam based treatment is designed to detoxify the body and cleanse the body of impurities.
  2. Virtual forest – bathe your every physical cell in the forest’s essence. Experience the sights , sounds and textures of the forest. 
  3. Outdoor pool and relaxation area – chill outside by the pool and quench your thirst by the cocktail bar. 

All these facilities are included with the treatment you have chosen. 

Additional facilities that requires payment:

  1. Flotation therapy- one session in this floatation  bath equates to 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. 
  2. Rasul chamber – this is an exfoliating and cleansing ritual that uses pure natural mdeficinal earth mud to cleanse and detoxify the body.

We then got seated in the waiting area to fill in our details. After that I went to sit outside by the pool to relax a little. Our therapists then came to call us for our massages. I really liked the treatment room because it had dim lighting , soft music playing and a wonderful scent. I chose to have a full body Swedish massage which was 60 minutes long. It was really good and my therapist was so sweet. 

The only thing that disappointed me was that there was no jacuzzi. Other than that it was really nice and I would definitely recommend anyone to go there :). 

Check out their website –  


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