Travel |My first business class experience 

Oh dear I don’t even know where to start. Everything about business class is just so heavenly but let me tell the story from the start. So it was the 29th December 2016 and I was all ready and packed to leave. My first flight was going to Dubai and I had to take a connecting flight to Jakarta. I was traveling with my aunt , uncle and my cousin. I got to the airport first and I went ahead to stand in the “economy” line to check in. I then saw my uncle coming along and he told me that I’m standing in the wrong line. I was so confused because I knew I was with the right airline ( Emirates). Anyways I came out of the line and he guided me towards the business class line. I was like “whaaat noo way!” It was literally the best surprise ever. My cousin and I was soo so excited because for once we got to travel in luxury and comfort. 

Before we boarded for our flight , we went to sit in the Emirates business class lounge. They offer a variety of delicious things to eat and drink. If you want to freshen up, they have showers in their bathrooms and what not.
We finally got into the plane and into our seats and all so excited about the foreign gadgets around us 😂. While we were settling in, the air hostess came around to offer some juice. Not long after that , they brought us peanuts. Thereafter they bring you a cute little Bvlgarie vanity bag which consists of: tissues , mini cologne , body lotion , face cream, comb, tooth brush, a packaged refreshing mini towel , Colgate and a mirror. Those are all the things to keep you fresh for a long flight. 

 I must say I’ve honestly slept like a baby on that flight. The seat can literally be extended into a bed. The air hostess also comes around to offer a mattress to put on your seat 😅. The seat also has a massaging mode which I took great advance of 😆. And the fooood! It’s so much better than economy. In Business class you get a menu with a few options that you could choose from. You get to choose your appetizer and main course followed by dessert. 

It all just felt too good. I never took much pictures because I was probably too excited 😂 but here’s a few of them.


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