Beauty | Sephora products 

Sephoraaaaaa! Literally every girls dream makeup store 😍. I was extremely excited when I spotted Sephora in one of the malls in Jakarta. When I walked in , I was blown away with all the beautiful bright colours and it was makeup heaven in there. I’m sure every other makeup lover living in South Africa would feel the same. Let me tell you one thing , it might be unfortunate that South Africa doesn’t have any Sephora stores BUT we are probably better off that way because it’ll make you broke as hell😂. You can’t help but want everything even if you don’t need it 😁.
But anyways , I was only really interested in buying Huda beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills because there’s a ton of people in SA selling the fakes. Unfortunately I found out that Indonesia doesn’t stock those two brands. I was a bit disappointed but I knew Abu Dhabi would definitely have them. 
The products I bought are :

Sephora Mascara

– I would definitely recommend this to anyone. When the sales assistant applied it on for me , it looked like I had fake lashes on! To get that look you need to apply about 3-4 coats. 

Sephora rose face mask
– This mask is for brighter skin 

Sephora crease blending brush 

– It’s really soft and fluffy and it fits perfectly in my crease. 

Huda beauty liquid matte – trendsetter & vixen

– This is thee BEST product ever! It’s long lasting and it makes your lips look so luscious. It’s totally worth it. 

Tarteist pro pallet 

– it consists of 20 colours -16 matte and 4 shimmery.  

I really wanted to buy the Huda beauty rose gold pallet but they didn’t have it in stock☹️. The sale assistant suggested that I should buy the Tarteist pro pallet but I was very two minded about it until she tested the colours on my skin and I absolutely loved it! The colours are so pigmented so I just had to take it! I was also hoping to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit but that was out of stock as well😫. Nevertheless I was really happy about the products I purchased😅.



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