Fashion | Black 

Ever have one of those days where it feels like you have absolutely nothing to wear?? Tell me about it. Today was that day – I tried on almost everything in my closet and I just didn’t feel right in anything. It gets super frustrating especially if you’re in a hurry and about to head out somewhere. 

For me, the quickest solution to solve my miserable ‘I can’t decide what to wear’ problem is to wear all black. I mean, no one could go wrong with dressing up in black head to toe. Black might seem a bit emo for some people but in my opinion, black is classy and there are different variations as to how people express themselves when wearing black. Also on the plus side it makes you look slim and trim 😉. 

My favourite go-to look would be wearing a black skinny jeans paired with a simple black blouse or tee, just depending on where I’m off to. To dress it up a little, I’d suggest wearing a high heel or even a bit of blingged up flats with a hint of gold jewelry. I like to use my Givenchy handbag or any big black handbag for that matter because I feel like it makes my whole outfit look 10 times better. Adding a little gold in small details of your outfit for example your jewelry; makes a huge difference. It gives a sense of elegance to your style. That should do the trick and your outfit should be sorted in no time. 

Below are some images that I found for inspiration xx 


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