Travel | what’s in my handbag 

It’s my favourite time of the year again; the only time I get to travel and explore different cities! Since a lot of people are going overseas for holiday (including myself💃🏻), I decided to  share what all my handbag essentials are. When traveling overseas, I usually carry a large handbag but for this trip I opted to take a medium sized one because carting a big handbag everywhere you go can actually get tiring.

So the first item in my bag is my purse. I don’t think there’s a need to explain why I carry that because it’s pretty obvious 😂 . Some people might throw their money in those small zips in their handbag but I like to be organized. The second thing I have is a travel journal. This might sound boring but I absolutely love documenting each day . Why? When the trip is over and I read what I wrote, it feels like I’m reliving the whole experience and the memories will be there forever. I keep my earphones with me as well because the ones on the aeroplane are really shitty and can never stay in my ears. I keep my phone charger with me also incase my battery dies at the airport.

I keep handcream, hand sanitizer and a few basic beauty products such as BB cream, lipstick, eyeliner and some bronzer. It’s always good to make yourself look refreshed  after a long flight and hey you never know you might run into some eye candy 😉. I always keep my sunglassses with me and not forgetting some tissues. I might be missing a few things but I think that’s about it. 


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