Sissy Boy sneakers 

Don’t you just love the feeling of unboxing a pair of new shoes? I must say I feel like a little girl entering a candy store when I get to add a new shoe to my collection. Leah Houston- a South African fashion blogger on Instagram, had a Sissy Boy sneaker giveaway which I entered a few times (probably a million times 😛) and thankfully I won! When I got notified about it,I was still at work and I literally started jumping from excitement. My sister looked at me and by the look on her face, she probably thought to herself “what is this crazy child going on about?” Luckily no one else was around but I mean come’on , who wouldn’t be excited about getting a free pair of sneakers valued at R899! 

Last week Saturday I went to collect the sneakers and I must say that I fell more in love with it when I saw it in person. It’s crisp white but what caught my attention are those colourful embellishments placed on the sides. Also, it’s stylish with incomparable comfort which most shoes tend to lack.  If you like what you see then head over to Sissy Boy to get a pair of these beauties.🛍👟


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