My daily skin and hair care routine 

Quite a few people have asked me what I use on my skin because it is so clear and what hair products do I use because it’s so soft and shiny. So I thought why not write a blog post about the products I use and share all my little tips that helps me to achieve my healthy skin and hair.  

Skin care

In the morning after I shower I use the Himalaya clear complexion face wash which leaves my skin clean and refreshed. * tip* When washing your face, do not use hot water because it washes away oils of the skin which results in your face being dry. Lukewarm water or normal temperature water is preferred. 

Once a week before I use my normal Himalaya face wash, I use my Himalaya face scrub which exfoliates my skin and gets rid off all the dead skin cells. 

I then use my Herbalife daily glow moisturizer cream. This is literally one of the best creams that I’ve came across. It leaves my skin extremely soft and usually when I use other creams my skin tends to get dry after a while but not with the Herbalife cream. This gives my skin an instant glow and no I’m really not kidding! It is suitable for all skin types- men and women.  
I follow the same process in the evening before I go sleep which is very important because you need to remove the makeup before sleeping otherwise your skin will get irritated which will result in pimples appearing and I’m pretty sure no one wants that. So no matter how lazy or tired you are, wash your face!  
After washing my face , I apply the Herbalife replenishing night cream which gives long term hydration to the skin so that you’ll wake up with softer and smoother skin.


*tip* always use a separate towel to dry your face to prevent any germs from touching your skin and to avoid breakouts.
Hair care

My absolute favourite hair product is Herbalife’s herbal aloe strengthening shampoo. It makes your hair feel extremely soft and it gives your hair such a lovely smell. If your hair is falling then I’d definitely recommend this product because it reduces hair breakage by 90%. It also has a colour preserving formula. 
I also use the herbal aloe strengthening conditioner once a week which leaves my hair feeling silky without the use of any other products. 

I love using products that contain aloe because it is all natural with no added chemicals and it has many benefits. 
*tip* After you done showering, rinse your hair with cold water because it increases shine and it seals the moisture in your hair. Washing your hair with hot water increases the amount of frizz in your hair and it strips the hair of its natural oils. 

Okay so don’t get me wrong , it’s good to use all those products to achieve healthy skin and hair but I think one of the most important factors of all is to drink lots of water. It can be really hard to drink so much but think about the great skin and hair you’ll get. 
If you’re interested in purchasing the Herbalife skin and hair products then just drop me an email and I’ll be glad to assist 🙂 


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